Deliberately Flooded – Our Hurricane Harvey Story

Our home survived 36 inches of rain from Hurricane Harvey from Friday August 25th through Sunday August 27th without any flooding and not even water on the street. Then on Sunday August 27th at 19:00 electricity to our neighborhood was cut off followed by the release of the Barker Reservoir dam on Monday August 28th at 02:00 which flooded our home, subdivision and nearby neighborhoods. We were not given prior warning or a chance to evacuate before we were deliberately flooded in the middle of the night. We were literally in the dark about the dam release being with electricity.

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Homeowners to sue USACE will SJRA be NEXT?

Houston Chronicle of reporting  pending Class Action litigation in Harris County against the U.S Army Corps of Engineers following the release of flood waters from the Barker and Addicks reservoirs during Hurricane Harvey. The litigants are accusing USACE of deliberately condemning their properties. “A group of flooded-out Harris County homeowners Read more…

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