By Daniel New

The Constitution, we are told, is the Supreme Law of the Land.

Every elected official takes an oath to support and defend that Constitution, “against all enemies, foreign or domestic.”

What do you think are the odds that your elected or appointed representatives have even read the Constitution, one time? Ever?

What do you think are the odds that your elected or appointed representatives have ever attended a seminar or a course on the subject of what that document says and meant at the time it was written?

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.
–John Adams

If your church were to hire a man (hopefully) to be your new pastor, and if in the course of the interview, as you examined his understanding of church doctrine, he were to admit that he had “read some parts, of course,” of the Bible, but that he had never really studied it, in fact, he had never really read the whole thing, even once, would you vote to hire such a person?

The situation is analogous.  You wouldn’t think much of a pastor who has no idea what the Bible has to say on any given subject, but who does happen to be a good administrator and a great speaker and could tickle the ears of his audience.  Oh, wait!  Maybe I’ve just figured out what’s wrong with this country!

First of all, since all who study history know for a fact that our Founders believed in God, and in the Bible, overwhelmingly, and since we know that their faith was very important to them in developing the structure and the function of our government, then the thinking person has to conclude that Christianity and moral relevance might need to be important to a majority of us today, if we hope to have honest government as envisioned by the Founders.

So over two and a half centuries, it would appear that we have evolved, as a people, away from caring whether our pastors or our church leaders know or care about the Bible, and it should come as no surprise to us that we take the same attitude toward our elected “public servants” and hired government employees.

That explains a lot, when we tolerate clowns and buffoons as religious leaders; when we tolerate and even donate to religious entertainment centers and call them churches; when we tolerate and expect outward religious form instead of the function of an active Faith in the lives of our church leaders.

Our religious scene today is a mockery of New Testament Christianity, and it therefore follows as a logical progression that our government has gone to the gutter in the absence of godly pastors and church leaders who should be holding our elected representatives to a higher standard – a standard of morality and of obedience to both the letter and the spirit of the Law.

This country is coming apart at the seams.  We are reaping the whirlwind of teaching moral relativity in the classrooms, and even in our churches.  We are no longer shocked when our politicians are caught in scandal, and we reelect them without batting an eye.

This will not change until churches go back to preaching the Bible, and go back to holding politicians accountable, from the pulpit!  (Most people today don’t know that the political doctrine of the “separation of church and state” was never a law – it was a private opinion stated by Jefferson in a letter to a Baptist pastor, and it was never intended to apply to the churches, but instead, only to the government.  The Founders expected and wanted churches to set the high moral tone necessary for a constitutional Republic to work.  That’s because we don’t study history, any more than we study our Bibles.)

We must teach both the letter and the spirit of the Bible and of the Constitution to every student in every school.  (This can be done without imposing Christianity upon anyone.)

Churches should offer repeating courses on the Constitution from a Christian perspective.

Politicians and government employees should be required to take so many hours of continuing education on the Constitution as intended by the founders, every year, in order to stay employed as our servants.

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