Houston Chronicle of reporting  pending Class Action litigation in Harris County against the U.S Army Corps of Engineers following the release of flood waters from the Barker and Addicks reservoirs during Hurricane Harvey.

The litigants are accusing USACE of deliberately condemning their properties.

“A group of flooded-out Harris County homeowners and businesses sued the federal government on Tuesday, accusing the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers of knowingly condemning their properties by releasing water from the Barker and Addicks reservoirs after Hurricane Harvey.”

Meanwhile in Montgomery County  homeowners  like Kimberly Hudson a flood victim interviewed by Steve Toth on facebook  pointing out that Montgomery County homes have been flooded as a direct result of SJRA releases.

Toth posted –

Kimberly has flooded 3 times since since 1972. Ike, Allison and Alicia and not a drop of water. But every time SJRA does a release they’ve had flooding.

Over at The Golden Hammer prolific blogger Eric Yollick has likened the effects of SJRA actions to the 1941 Japanese attack on Pearl harbor.

San Jacinto River Authority director Jace Houston seems to sense trouble brewing. Houston appeared in a recent explainer video ( see below ) surrounded by other officials where he tries to justify his decision path to the destructive late release of waters from Lake Conroe.

One wonders is a class action similar to that in Harris County to emerge with SJRA as its target?


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