Kelli Cook Serves as Gulf Coast Regional Director for Campaign for Liberty

We have applied enough pressure that ONE Montgomery County commissioners, James Noack is finally initiating a property tax relief proposal.


Montgomery County commissioners have been making weak excuses for years when pressed about skyrocketing property tax bills.


They tell us it can’t be helped, it’s the school districts fault or its the cities fault.  They shrug and hold out their hand for more of our money.


The tax-addicted commissioners tell us to look to our state legislators for some reforms.  But guess what?


This whole time we have been wailing and gnashing our teeth, and trying to make ends meet so we can pay their fat salaries, dish out corporate tax abatements and pay for our growing property tax bills…..They have been setting on a secret. It’s called a General Homestead Exemption.


Most counties, including our neighbors in Harris and Fort bend counties grant exemptions  Some up to 20%.  For example, a home appraised at $100,000 would be taxed at %80,000


Montgomery County does NOT offer this!!!


Now you may have seen an exemption listed on your tax statement, the county let you think it was them granting this, but it wasn’t. More than likely it was the school district, city or local utility district.


Montgomery county is so stingy they don’t even offer disabled veterans an exemption!


I am afraid with out your help, not all of the commissioners will vote to protect the tax payers and may vote against the exemption or want a smaller exemption.


Contact the commissioners and County Judge today and demand that grant us a General Homestead Exemption. We have been over burdened long enough. They need to provide immediate and swift property tax  relief.


If you would like to make a bigger impact please plan on attending Commissioners Court on February 14th 9:30am at the Alan Sadler Building 501 north Thompson in Conroe. Arrive early if you would like to make public comments.



Kelli Cook



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Anonymous · February 8, 2017 at 7:36 pm

How about a property assessor come out to the colonia on CoalTown Rd and assess trailers that have been built onto and currently pay only $4.50 a year in taxes. I think they should pay more.

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