Breaking News from the Conroe Courier about the nasty lawsuit that went against Eric Yollick.

Its a sight to behold.

But wait, didn’t the  Courier  cover that story with glee back in 2012?

But that is  not the real story here, JD Lambright is the real story. For the second time since September the local PRAVDA understudy known as the Conroe Courier has loaned their news pages and Ministry of Truth approved scribblers to their favored commissar in County government to get back at a popular critic.

Yollick has almost literally hammered JD Lambright over his stupendous salary, reported to be the highest of any elected official in the State of Texas and presumably the least deserved.

Back in September Lambright was so exercised over the criticism delivered in commissioners court  he almost ran back to his office dictated a fine manifesto defending himself and sundry tax funded fellow travelers.

This time it seems obvious the Courier tossed red meat into the middle of the County Attorney’s office and he bit mightilly!

So much so one can almost wipe the drool of the page as Lambright skewers Yollick in his feigned shock and … well read it for yourself.




“In light of Yollick’s never-ending social media posts and appearances in Commissioners Court complaining of numerous ethical and criminal violations, I am shocked and disappointed that such a well-known and outspoken member of our legal community had personally been found liable of a major act of fraud in a court of law by a jury of his peers,”


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