To an incredible level of hypocrisy

Commissioner James Noack famous as the man who in his own word single-handedly “transformed Precinct 3 from a reactive, totalitarian regime” is exhibiting his leadership skills again, this time as hypocrite of the county. Noack deserves applause  simply for submitting a complaint that our DA has deemed worthy of investigation.

Catherine Dominguez has just reported “The DA’s Office confirmed it is looking into the complaint, filed by Precinct 3 Commissioner James Noack.

The complaint is that Charlie Riley has maneuvered to create a job and then deciding to  fortuitously fill the position with his own wife Deanne Riley who may have been unfriended by Sheriff Elect Rand Henderson.

Really smacks of Jobs for the Boys, er, or Girls in this case.  Taxpayers seem to be on the hook for every aspect of government types lives these days.

But wait, is that unmitigated gall I smell?  It was only back in July 2012 when Commissioner elect Noack  set the standard for partonage and cronyism by taking a gravy opportunity for himself as a fill in for J R Moore.

Then the late Nancy Flake wrote…...

“Noack is working 32 hours per week, and he is being paid approximately $30,000 from the time he was hired in early July through early December, Moore said, until the person he ultimately wants to hire for the position becomes available. Noack will be overseeing 68 employees.”

A clear case of the Noack POT calling the Riley KETTLE Black.  Noack should expect his very own Golden  Hammer over this one.

Paging Eric Yollick ……

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