Does Bruce Tough have amnesia?  We Report You Decide.

Ask Bruce Tough about his WHITE ELEPHANT

“One of these days, we will be a city,” he said. “I think all of us in our hearts want to be the city of The Woodlands; it’s a great passion.”

How fast can you (incorporate) and solve specific problems.”

Tough said in as close as five years, township officials will be having “serious discussions” about The Woodlands becoming a city.

It will be inevitable one day that we become a city,”

When you are a city, you have a certain type of standing,” Tough said. “We don’t have a seat with the Houston Galveston Area Council. We run the largest park and ride outside of Metro.

Cities half our size or a fraction of our size have seats, and we don’t because we are not a city.”

The fate of the county road bond set for May could also affect the timeline for incorporation“, Tough said.

The Woodlands is exploding,” said Tough

Tough said the township needs to be prepared for some type of “community indicator” that would force incorporation. He said that could be anything from transportation and mobility to law enforcement.

The White Elephant in the room

70% Taxpayer Concerned Bruce justified spending $15.2 Million of your tax dollars to by property for a future City

If we waited five years from now, there would probably be no land available and we would have to share a complex with Shenandoah or Oak Ridge North.”


70% Bruces’ White elephant township offices are prohibited from housing a City Court or jail!

Of course 70% Bruce had to find another HQ for the Township because in a NOT SO TAXPAYER SENSITIVE MOVE the first one he bought for $12.1 Million from one of his developer masters at 2801 Technology Forest Drive has deed restriction prohibiting use as a jail or even a City Court!



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