Dear County Citizen Readers.

My name is John Nicks, and with early voting going on now till November
4th for this November 8th election.  I would like to introduce myself and
share why you should vote for me.   I’m running for the MCHD Hospital
District Board of Directors At Large, Position 1.

I’m running for the MCHD Board to lookout for the best interest of
taxpayers, and to listen to the concerns and needs of all MCHD Employees
without any form of retaliation from their supervisors and to also listen
to the concerns and needs of the Montgomery County Citizens.

I have campaigned for several conservative candidates over the years and
campaigned against both 2015 Montgomery County Road Bonds.

The current MCHD Property Tax Rate for this fiscal year is 0.0665 per
$100.  If elected, I will not support any measure that will cause the tax
rate to increase in the 2017-2018 fiscal year.

I’m way more fiscally conservative than my opponent, Mark Cole.

Recently, my opponent, Mark Cole voted to give a 6% raise for our MCHD
CEO, Mr. Randy Johnson. I would have voted against this
measure, and suggested a much lower raise than that.  I also feel that if
we can afford to give Mr. Johnson that type of raise then we need to put
that money towards bonuses and increase merit pay towards our very best
EMT Staff.

Back in July 2016, my opponent, Mark Cole voted to spend $35,200 for a
brand new Chevy Tahoe SUV with leather seats for the MCHD CEO Mr. Randy
Johnson.  I would have voted against that and suggested a
more economical and still reliable vehicle in the vehicle pool for the Mr.
Johnson.  Also part of his compensation package entitled him to a car or
vehicle that was already in the vehicle pool and not a new vehicle.

Also back in July 2016, my opponent, Mark Cole voted in favor of spending
$50,000 for bullet proof vests for the EMS Field Staff. I would have voted
against that measure.  Those vests would not be worn at all times and would
be kept in a supervisor’s vehicle and that it would be too difficult to have enough
correct size for any EMS Personnel that may have an opportunity to need one.

Also its MCHD policy is that we do not go into a Hot Zone until the area has been cleared

by law enforcement, which is why it’s a waste of money and I would have voted against it.

Several years ago, a local conservative political group by the name of
Montgomery County Tea Party was having bi-monthly meetings at the MCHD
Boardroom.  My Opponent Mark Cole voted to kick them out. I would have voted to allow                               them the use of the taxpayer funded building for  free similar to how our local library
system offers its meeting rooms for free.

With all that said, My name is John Nicks, and I would appreciate your
vote for MCHD Board of Directors.

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