Another murky MUD in Montgomery County

September 20, 2016

The developer behind Tiger Woods designed Bluejack National private golf community is seemingly capable of amazing feats of fortune telling when it comes to elections. Bluejack formerly known as Blaketree national gave birth to a municipal utility district in 2009 when then Representative Brandon Creighton carried HB 1713 into law for the developer.


In 2007 the Chronicle reported developer Larry Austin said the land cost the group more than $15 million, but he wouldn’t give a specific price. The new owners will begin executing their plans by obtaining the entitlements required for a municipal utility district. They will also be looking for a partner to develop the land.

Blaketree MUD #1 was born and in November 2009 Five  temporary directors and $210 Million were confirmed by voters. What became of the voters from 2009 is unknown.


Now, in 2016 Blaketree located at  4430 South FM 1486 Montgomery and the current five member board have contracted their election with Montgomery County Elections Administrator seeking voter approval for an additional $168 Million in water, sewer and drainage bonds, $70 million in road bonds and $19 million in parks bonds.

There is just one small problem, as of this date there is not a single voter registered for the November 8, 2016 election.  In fact the Courier just reported the first home being built.

Any person can register for the election in as little as 30 days in advance, but under Texas election law even that is only necessary for administrative purposes. Actually one need only to have established residence by bodily presence and intent on the day the person offers to vote.

That’s all fine for the voter, but what about the developer , the board members and Coats Rose, their attorney?

We made a public records request to Mallory Craig  with the District asking for a list of registered voters. They have nothing responsive and referred us to Montgomery County Elections.  To this date Elections Central has no record of voters in  Blaketree MUD.


Just how are the developer and board members  able to predict that an eligible voter will manifest in the district in time for the election?


Its reminds us of the 2002 futuristic crime drama with Tom Cruise who was part of the imagined Pre-Crime unit that employed mysterious supernatural clarvoyants who predicted crimes in advance from the comfort of a snazy hot tub.


Perhaps that’s it?, they must have cranked up one of their high dollar hot tubs for Tiger Woods who then gave them the all clear to schedule their elections.


Lets watch to see how this develops , perhaps we have another RENT-A-VOTER OUTBRAKE on our hands?

adjective: clairvoyant
1. 1. having or exhibiting an ability to perceive events in the future or beyond normal sensory contact.

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r · September 21, 2016 at 4:28 pm

What is going happen here is the same thing that happens in every mud ever created. The developer will “sell” small plots of land to their cronies who will then own property in the mud and will vote for the mud bonds. a simple scam to saddle the future residents with all the bills the developer should foot.

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