The much reported VOTER ID case of  TEXAS Vs. HOLDER has yielded revealing testimony and insight into the double dealer that is Greg Abbott.

As Texas Attorney General, Greg Abbott made a point of prosecuting innocent voters who worked to expose Texas developers who unconstitutionally establish and control special districts for their own profit purpose. This was before they were able to expose the full extent of the RENT-A-VOTER outrage.

The criminal case revolves around a 2010 election held by the Woodlands Road Utility District #1.

The voters demonstrated how they consulted with the Texas Secretary of State and relied on primary source law and opinion before they cast the votes that launched Abbott into crony protection mode over their short lived victory in the case.

Abbott proudly  brags about how tough he is on illegal voting and has reveled in the obvious abuse of the Montgomery County whistle blowers.

But now a deposition of his own high ranking prosecutor reveals  double dealing by Abbott when it comes to prosecution and underlines his treacherous hypocrisy in the Woodlands RUD case.

In the RUD case the voters were charged under Election Code Sec. 64.012.

ILLEGAL VOTING. (a) A person commits an offense if the person:  (1) votes or attempts to vote in an election in which the person knows the person is not eligible to vote;

The voters showed they consulted with the Texas Secretary of State and were certified as eligible voters by their  county Voter Registrar.  They maintain that they did not knowingly break the law and refused plea bargains for that reason.  Or in legal terms the lacked what is called MENS REA.

That’s where Major Mitchell comes in, and General Abbott stoops low.

In the Voter ID depositions held by parties to the case Major Mitchell relates at least two cases where illegal Aliens registered to vote and voted in an election but were not prosecuted because they lacked MENS REA!  Please ask Governor Abbott and Attorney General Paxton ( who now continues to pursue the voters challenging their appeal for a new trial ) how can he grant illegal aliens such justice and deny it to honest citizens in Montgomery County?

We have no doubt now that Greg Abbott is actually soft on illegal immigrants but more than willing to abuse unlimited government power at his disposal for his crony developer friends.


Major of Law Enforcement at Texas Attorney General


Q. Were you involved in any communications regarding the controversy as to whether or not illegal aliens or legal non-citizens were voting?
A. Our investigations have revealed non-citizens and illegal aliens casting ballots in elections
A. I do know that — I do know that in the Dallas 2010 election that was referred to our office from the Secretary of State, there was a non-citizen who voted in that election. I do know that in the Debra Briseno case, which is a prosecution, that there were non-citizens who voted in that election. I am also aware that in the Hidalgo County elections that there were non-citizens who voted in those elections as well.
That was the City of Progresso municipal election. And our office assisted a portion of the investigation that was conducted by the local district attorney’s office.
Q. What did the facts show?
A. I believe there was a Mexican national who voted in that election.
A. No, sir. She was not prosecuted.
Q. So the allegation was not substantiated?
A. No, sir. She is a non-citizen. However, we didn’t think that she had the mens rea. Because someone led her to believe that as a resident she could vote in an election.
Q. And when you say that “she did not have the mens rea,” can you tell me what you mean in the context of the facts?
A. Yes, sir. The actual person who helped her register was a deputy voter registrar who was sworn by the county to help her — to help voters fill out their  registration cards.
Q. Okay.
A. And the deputy voter registrar checked that she was a US citizen and told her that she could vote. And so she believed she actually could vote in an election.
Q. Can you tell me what the facts of the case are?
A. Debra Briseno signed up as a deputy voter registrar. So she assisted in the voter registration of citizens in the county. She additionally registered 2 non-citizens to vote during that election and informed them that they could indeed vote in that election despite the fact that they were not citizens in the US.
Q. And Ms. Briseno was the only one charged in that case?
A. That’s correct.
Q. And was there a determination as to why not to charge the non-citizens who had registered?
A. Again, you have a person who is sworn as a deputy voter registrar by the elections department who the
voters — the non-citizens perceived to be as a representative of the government. At the time, she was
actually a city council person for the City of Port Lavaca. So these voters believed that what they were
telling — what she was telling them, that they could vote in the election, they took at face value.
Q. And again, in this case there would have been no mens rea?
A. I believe that is why they were not charged in this case.
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