Stop the shady MUD elections

A letter to the editor found at the Courier
Stop the shady MUD elections

To the editor:

Now I read in the Courier that in MUD 148 two people in a just moved in trailer (who knows, maybe on the payroll of the company owning the mobile) are going to decide on a half-billion-dollar bond issue.

Then in the former Boy Scout area, there are four people living in the work shed of the scouts and these four also will vote on a separate half-billion-dollar bond issue, plus voting on directors who do not live in the area.

Wait now, it is time to stop and think, was it not one or two elections ago where people took up residence in a motel in The Woodlands so they could vote in one of the MUD elections? The court said or declared they were not residents so they could not vote or be elected to the board; now these folks at least lived in a solid structure, paid rent, but here we have one group living in a to be moved trailer and another staying in a soon to be torn down shed.

Am I missing something here or do the laws only apply when the county attorney and the judges want them to. Let the developers pay their own way, put in the streets and the utilities then tack that price on to the home price.

What is fair and right one year should be fair and right in all years.

Charlie Griffith

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