Woodlands Joint Powers Agency has released their employee salaries for 2015  via Texas Public Information Act request.

Response time : TPIA request sent 11:49 AM Sept 10th. Response received 05:52 PM  Oct 5th.

Download excel file here


Stinson, James M General Manager $                     188,825.73
Kinnaird, Daniel M Chief Inspector $                       81,346.93
Bourgeois, Maureen Y Accouinting Manager $                       78,798.72
Edwards, Randy W Field Superintendant $                       71,831.76
Scott, Jeannie Tax Assessor/Collector $                       69,936.26
Garcia, Jose A Field Foreman – Ditch Crew $                       57,018.78
Rendon, Antonio Z Field Foreman – Tap Crew $                       56,954.35
Lawson, Shelley HR Rep/Board Secretary $                       55,779.36
Consford, Kary K Customer Service Supervisor $                       50,876.64
Sonneville, Janet Y Tax Rep I $                       50,167.94
Pizzitola, Sherry Administrative Assistant $                       48,621.66
Chavez, Ramiro Operator $                       47,325.62
Goad, Barbara J Customer Accounts Supervisor $                       44,254.50
Ayers, Patsy Diane Accounts Payable Specialist $                       41,620.49
Wright, Jo Tax Rep II $                       41,040.64
Dickmann, Mary G Customer Accounts Rep $                       40,246.02
Gomez, Santiago Laborer $                       39,720.10
Kraha, Susan D Customer Service Rep $                       38,592.37
Santillan, Juvencio Laborer $                       36,506.50
McInerney, Jennifer M New Accounts Coordinator $                       35,306.54
Andrewson, Mari M Customer Accounts Rep $                       34,297.17
Garcia, Raul Laborer $                       30,176.64
Kelley, Andrew N Customer Service Rep $                       29,765.74
Prince, Donovan P Customer Service Rep $                       28,477.18
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