CITY OF OAK RIDGE NORTH has released their employee salaries for 2015  via Texas Public Information Act request.

Record response time : TPIA request sent 3:13 pm Sept 2nd. Response received 09:15 am  Sept 17th.

Download excel file here

Payroll First Name Payroll Last Name Annual Salary Job Title
Vicky Rudy 122,850.00 City Manager
Joe Sherwin 94,500.12 Public Works Director
Andrew Walters 94,500.12 Chief of Police
Jonathan Beisert 69,487.08 Building Official
Kristen Woolley 62,512.06 Finance Officer
Thomas Libby 62,173.02 Police Officer Supervisor
Kent Hubbard 60,895.90 Police Officer Supervisor
Douglas Barry 59,725.12 Police Officer
Charles Nation 58,658.08 Police Officer
Rodney Straight 58,658.08 Police Officer
Jeremy Hardy 58,240.00 Public Works
Mark Dutton 57,731.96 Assistant Public Works Director
Susan Cates 56,700.02 EDC Marketing
James Ford 53,453.40 Police Officer
Elizabeth Harrell 53,453.40 Police Officer
Cristobal Garcia 51,914.98 Public Works
Ralph Craig 51,909.00 Police Officer
Steven Helton 51,909.00 Police Officer
Kelly C Kennerly 51,909.00 Police Officer
James Kipness 51,909.00 Police Officer
Daniel McGrew 51,909.00 Police Officer
William Rogers 51,909.00 Police Officer
David Stafford 51,909.00 Police Officer
Marcus Teske 51,909.00 Police Officer
Jonathan Walden 51,909.00 Police Officer
Heather Neeley 51,478.96 City Secretary
James Corn 50,142.04 Public Works
Deborah Capaccioli 47,840.00 Public Works
Meliton Herrera 45,614.40 Public Works
Christopher Fink 44,782.40 Public Works
Michelle Buchannan 42,831.88 Court Clerk
Joseph Brooks 39,520.00 Public Works
Emily Alley 38,771.20 Community Services Assoc
Janet Wisnowski 38,729.60 Chief of Permits
Arleen Hutchison 35,505.60 Court Clerk
Chad Griggs 35,282.00 Public Works
Luis Barcenas 35,256.00 Public Works
Juan Barrera 35,256.00 Public Works
Catarino Figueroa 35,256.00 Public Works
Marcos Solis 35,256.00 Public Works
Amadeo Zabala Jr 35,256.00 Public Works
Natalie Carter 32,780.80 Chief of Utilities
Johnnie Thomas 32,115.20 Public Works
Andrew Jefferson 27,164.80 Public Works
Michael Garza 26,000.00 Public Works
Santiago Rosas 25,833.60 Public Works
Beatriz Trejo 25,833.60 Maintenance
Jose Hernandez 24,772.80 Public Works
Natalie Miller 17,680.00 EDC Marketing
James Kuykendall 6,000.00 Mayor
Bruce Bernhoft 3,000.00 Council Member
Thomas Coale 3,000.00 Council Member
Clinton McClaren 3,000.00 Council Member
Frances Planchard 3,000.00 Council Member
James L Simon 3,000.00 Council Member
Christian Walsh 3,000.00 Council Member

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