San Jacinto River Authority has released their employee salaries for 2015  via Texas Public Information Act request.

Response time : TPIA request sent 11:49 AM Sept 10th. Response received 04:16 PM  Sept 14th.

Download excel file here


Employee Name Employee Title Annual Salary
Houston, Jace A General Manager $224,931.20
Kelling, Ronald D Deputy General Manager $211,161.60
Michel, Thomas A Director of Financial and Administrative Services $172,473.60
Parkhill, David L Director of Raw Water Enterprise $172,473.60
Fenney, Steven P Senior Technical Services Manager $153,753.60
Staggs, SuEllen T Utility Division Manager $146,140.80
Smith, Mark L GRP Division Manager $142,979.20
Hill, Robert D SCADA Manager $141,315.20
Johnson, Jr., Raymond K Information Technology Manager $140,979.90
Sarich, Donald R GRP Implementation Coordinator $132,246.40
Haude, Douglas D Project Manager 3 $121,583.28
Smith, Phillip D Construction Manager 3 $121,530.45
Steiger, Pamela J Controller $117,769.60
Mtundu, Nangantani D Project Manager 2 $113,068.80
Shoemake, Barry L Project Manager 2 $110,843.20
Porter, Shane C Project Manager 2 $108,617.60
Meeks, Christopher L Woodlands Operations and Maintenance Manager $104,520.00
Ortiz, Hector R GRP Utility Operations and Maintenance Manager $103,459.20
May, Jewel J Human Resource Manager $99,840.00
Volna, Matthew S SCADA Assistant Manager $98,030.40
Lushbaugh, Gregory R Project Manager 1 $96,428.80
Morrison, Donald J Construction Manager 1 $96,428.80
Steinkopf, Harald Business Applications Supervisor $93,121.60
Finkes, Joan C Purchasing Manager $91,020.80
Raley, Bret F Lake Conroe Division Manager $89,814.40
Carpenter, Cedric E Network Operations Supervisor $87,089.60
Schindewolf, Aaron K Engineer 5 $86,153.60
Moore, Frederick R WO Utility Operations Superintendent $86,091.20
Smallwood, James A WO Utility Operations Superintendent $84,260.80
Gregory, Larry T Highlands Division Manager $82,950.40
Trow, Shronda A Public Relations Manager $82,368.00
Cruse, Thomas R Systems Analyst 2 $81,806.40
Clements, Christopher S SCADA Supervisor $80,017.60
Lanclos, Melissa M Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Manager $80,017.60
Burns, Danny L SCADA Supervisor $79,643.20
Foster, Brian K Lake Conroe Maintenance Manager $79,643.20
Guyer, David W WO Utility Maintenance Superintendent $78,208.00
McKeon, Steven L WO Utility Project Supervisor $77,334.40
Thibodeaux, Paul R SCADA Supervisor $77,292.80
Bowman, Cynthia A Administrative Services Manager $77,251.20
Forrest, James K Highlands Operations and Maintenance Manager (E) $76,960.00
Barrett, Matthew R Engineer 4 $76,876.80
Acreman, Randall P Water Quality Manager $76,232.00
Prescott, John K Safety Coordinator $74,630.40
Cooper, Christine A GRP Utility Operations Superintendent $74,547.20
Walker, Judy G Accountant 2 $74,380.80
Stormer, Kelli L Accountant 3 (Project Accountant) $74,276.80
Meza, Samuel Z GRP Utility Maintenance Superintendent $74,193.60
Williams, Gary J WO Utility Operations Superintendent $72,800.00
Garza, Gilbert C Buyer 3 $72,612.80
Chaumet, Michael J SCADA Technician 3 $72,009.60
Beam, Keith E Accountant 3 $70,720.00
Curiano, Marc C Network Administrator $70,699.20
Austin, Jordan A Lake Conroe Operations Manager $68,972.80
Carlisle, Jason P Graduate Engineer 3 $68,931.20
Manager, Maybe Y Administrative Services Manager $68,723.20
Blossom, Alice C Senior Human Resource Generalist $68,556.80
Chatham, James E Construction Inspector 3 $68,120.00
Meyer, Jeffery L WO Utility Lead Maintenance Technician $66,310.40
Wright, Kimberly A GRP Division Administrative Manager $65,000.00
Jenkins, Charles H SCADA Technician 3 $64,480.00
Mosley, Walter C Pump Station Manager $63,876.80
Richardson, Kandra M Accountant 2 $63,668.80
Worrell, Lois A Lead Electrical Technician $63,086.40
Gibson, Stephen E Buyer 2 $62,296.00
Lewis, Jamye L Accountant 2 $60,736.00
Petersen, William R SCADA Specialist – Communications and Networking $60,673.60
Franco, Diego A Systems Analyst 1 $60,070.40
Renfrow, Rachel A Technical Services Administrative Manager $60,049.60
Clark, Glenn E SCADA Specialist – Communications and Networking $60,008.00
Everett, Jacob W WO Utility Lead Maintenance Technician $59,446.40
Garcia, Alberto J SCADA Specialist $59,280.00
Hobbs, Kevin R WO Utility Lead Operator $59,176.00
Fairbanks, Jacqueline A SharePoint Administrator 1 $59,051.20
Hilderbrandt, Daniel H Graduate Engineer 2 $58,884.80
Woodard, Kent L GRP Utility Lead Operator $58,489.60
Pfluger, Cynthia C WOAS Division Administrative Manager $57,595.20
Chaney, Jodi H Records Management Specialist $57,408.00
Cervantes, John P SCADA Technician 2 $57,200.00
Deddens, Matthew G IT Technician 3 $57,054.40
Guidry, Michelle L Public Relations Specialist $56,139.20
Jackson, James W WO Utility Senior Operator $55,723.20
Maldonado, Eduardo Construction Project Manager 2 $55,702.40
Love, Mark W GRP Utility Lead Operator $55,369.60
McCullough, Ronald L GRP Utility Lead Operator $55,369.60
Corley, Matthew L Customer Service and Compliance Supervisor $55,161.60
Lindquist, David W WO Utility Senior Maintenance Technician $55,120.00
Garza, Jared GIS Technician 3 $55,016.00
Holt, II, Max A WO Utility Senior Operator $54,662.40
Hinson, Yancy G WO Utility Lead Maintenance Technician $54,641.60
Shoemaker, Rodney D GRP Utility Senior Operator $54,080.00
Johnson, Linda K IT Support Specialist $53,664.00
Foster, Gary L GRP Utility Senior Operator $53,060.80
Arjmand, Sina Graduate Engineer 1 $53,040.00
Pritchett, Brandon W GRP Utility Senior Operator $53,040.00
Myrick, Glenn A GRP Utility Lead Maintenance Technician $52,977.60
Bennett, Richard C Buyer 1 $52,790.40
Hagen, Michael W IT Technician 2 $52,561.60
Murillo, Victor M Construction Inspector 3 $52,062.40
Collins, Anne C GAHR Recruiting and Onboarding Specialist 2 $52,000.00
Webb, Donna IT Technician 2 $52,000.00
Ware, Christopher A GRP Utility Operator $51,272.00
Kennedy, Steven C WO Utility Operator $50,128.00
Thomas, Jarred H HD Maintenance Technician 4 $49,608.00
Foster, Elizabeth C Accounting Assistant 3 $49,379.20
McGrew, Tracy L WO Utility Senior Operator $48,131.20
Turner, James K WO Utility Senior Maintenance Technician $47,881.60
Harrington, Leslie D Administrative Assistant 3 $47,840.00
Leal, Juan GRP Utility Senior Maintenance Technician $47,840.00
Flores, Gilbert WO Utility Senior Operator $47,736.00
Kilgore, Jason B HD Maintenance Technician 4 $46,966.40
Garcia, Roel A Safety Technician 2 $46,196.80
Connell, John C WO Utility Operator $45,822.40
Loggin, Nytasha J GAHR Administrative Assistant 3 $45,260.80
Ballard, Brandon W SCADA Technician 2 $45,115.20
Gibson, Billy G WOAS Facilities Technician 2 $45,115.20
Texter, Brandy N GATS Administrative Assistant 3 $44,616.00
Carnine, Adam W GAAS Facilities Technician 2 $44,324.80
Coleman, Jr, Edward C Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Technician 2 $44,158.40
Dunn, Catherine E GASC Administrative Assistant 3 $44,137.60
Gutierrez, Christina E Accounting Assistant 3 $44,075.20
Simpson, Shane C Water Quality Technician 2 $43,742.40
Brown, Cory A WO Utility Senior Operator $43,680.00
Sidney, David R Operations Technician 2 $43,555.20
Staacke, James L LC Maintenance Technician 3 $43,388.80
Keeth, Julie D Payroll Specialist 2 $42,494.40
Lee, Meagan H LCAS Administrative Assistant 2 $41,912.00
Morris, Megan E Administrative Assistant 3 $41,600.00
Yohner, Lisa K Administrative Assistant 3 $41,600.00
Nibert, Travis D HD Maintenance Technician 3 $41,516.80
Christian-Burnes, Cheryl M WOAS Administrative Assistant 2 $41,246.40
Nord, Curtis T WO Utility Maintenance Technician $40,872.00
Jones, Jerie WO Utility Operator $40,643.20
Kitchens, Cynthia M Administrative Assitant 3 $40,560.00
Pawlik, LaKeisha N WOAS Administrative Assistant 3 $40,560.00
Malina, Kevin l GRP Work Order Management Technician $39,520.00
Williard, Joseph H Operations Technician 1 $39,520.00
Dalhaus, Jared A WO Utility Operator $38,480.00
Harris, Jeffrey A WO Utility Maintenance Technician $38,480.00
Jones, Kevin M WO Utility Maintenance Technician with CDL $38,480.00
Parks, William E WO Utility Operator $38,480.00
Felkai, Kristina L Customer Service & Compliance Specialist $37,918.40
Contreras, Diego SCADA Technician in Training $37,440.00
Carreiro, Jason R WO Utility Operator $36,940.80
Mona, Rhonda M Customer Service Representative 3 $36,171.20
Biehle, Michael W LC Maintenance Technician 2 $35,672.00
Rollins, Brady J WO Utility Operator $35,006.40
Morris, Sarah M GAAS Administrative Assistant 1 $34,424.00
Parker, Kara L Accounting Assistant 2 $34,112.00
Hatch, Joshua K WO Utility Operator in Training $33,280.00
Small, Austin L HD General Maintenance Worker $31,200.00
Testing, Jess T Human Resource Specialist 1 $31,200.00
Phillips, Steven L LC Maintenance Technician 1 $29,120.00
Dimond, Mackenzie M GRP Utility Operator in Training $29,078.40
Gallagher, Colyn P WO Utility Operator in Training $29,078.40
Holden, Corey General Maintenance Worker $29,078.40
Hollister, Carlton M General Maintenance Worker $29,078.40
Moya, Aaron L General Maintenance Worker $29,078.40
Sanchez, Miguel A GRP Utility Operator in Training $29,078.40
Hurtado, Wendy A Customer Service Representative 1 $28,828.80
Patterson, Faye E GAAS Receptionist $28,080.00
Brandon, Tracey J Receptionist $27,560.00
Ames, Gwen E GRPAS Receptionist $27,040.00
Conaway, Rose L Receptionist – Lake Conroe $26,000.00
Jett, Lynzey R Part Time Administrative Assistant I $17,907.50
Gomez, Alexander Construction Management Intern $8,320.00


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