CITY OF WILLIS has released their employee salaries for 2015  via Texas Public Information Act request.

Response time : TPIA request sent 3:21 PM Sept 2nd. Response received 11:31 AM Sept 3rd.

October 1, 2014 – September 30, 2015
ADMINISTRATION-GENERAL Hector Forestier City Manager $105,824.78
PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT Pat Riley Public Works Director $85,696.00
POLICE DEPARTMENT James Nowak Police Chief $75,083.61
ADMINISTRATION-GENERAL Brenda Burns City Secretary $65,049.44
COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT John Mangiameli Building Official/Code Enforcement $61,790.43
POLICE DEPARTMENT Alton Nelson Lieutenant $56,135.62
ADMINISTRATION-GENERAL Margaret Littleton Asst. City Man for EDC&CDC $55,517.00
ADMINISTRATION-GENERAL Rick Valdez Director of Finance/HR $52,118.00
POLICE DEPARTMENT Kevin Rooney Sergeant/Detective $48,196.83
POLICE DEPARTMENT Adam Culak Sergeant $48,196.83
POLICE DEPARTMENT Jonathan Povsha Patrolman $48,196.83
ADMINISTRATION-GENERAL Marissa Quintanilla Human Resource/Finance Director $47,796.95
POLICE DEPARTMENT Ricky Cathey Detective $47,761.79
PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT Randall Hammond Foreman $46,875.49
POLICE DEPARTMENT Alexander Miseldine Patrolman $45,590.29
POLICE DEPARTMENT John Harper Sergeant $45,590.29
POLICE DEPARTMENT Matthew Sweeney Patrolman $45,590.29
POLICE DEPARTMENT Maria Martinez Patrolman $45,590.29
POLICE DEPARTMENT Cody Landrum Patrolman $45,590.29
POLICE DEPARTMENT Rodney Baseke Patrolman $45,590.29
POLICE DEPARTMENT Tiffany Neal Patrolman $45,590.29
POLICE DEPARTMENT Anthony Pellecchia Patrolman $45,590.29
POLICE DEPARTMENT John McCaffery Patrolman $45,590.29
COURT DEPARTMENT Christina Dahse Court Clerk $43,346.07
PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT Robert Jarrells Supervisor $42,669.00
STREET DIVISON David York Street Supervisor $41,326.71
WATER DIVISON Tony Sweet Operator $41,233.06
WATER DIVISON Ira Toliver Laborer $37,881.36
ADMINISTRATION-UTILITY Lisa Mendoza Utility Billing Clerk II $36,126.71
COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT Bonita DeRosa Animal Control $35,342.06
POLICE DEPARTMENT Elida Nuno Secretary $32,312.02
STREET DIVISON Luther Reed Groundskeeper $29,216.23
ADMINISTRATION-UTILITY Lisa Toliver Utility Billing Clerk I $27,251.62
COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT Zach Goodlander Permit Technician $27,040.00
STREET DIVISON Lance Haywood Jr. Laborer $26,456.23
SEWER DIVISIONS Sherman Straughter Laborer $26,456.23
POLICE DEPARTMENT Margaret Towle Clerk $24,774.50
STREET DIVISON Curtis Thompson Laborer $24,051.12
SEWER DIVISIONS Loren McWhorter Laborer $24,051.12
SEWER DIVISIONS Vacant Chief Operator


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